Regulatory Update and Actions

Monday May 29, 2017

We are making progress!! Our combined efforts have made a difference!

The NC Utilities Commission has NOT approved Duke Energy’s proposed smart meter fee/tariff ("is hereby, held in abeyance”) and NCUC has a lot more questions for Duke to answer by the end of July 2017.

AND, the Commission wants to explore consumers self reading their meter or having 12 month Equal Payment Plan (EPP)!!

Please see the NCUC order:  NCUC ordered 28th day of April, 2017.pdf

Or, see this shorter version for the conclusion highlights:  smart meter update May 29 17.pdf

In short, keep up your vigilance that ANALOG ONLY is our platform message and reading our own meter or the 12 month EPP is the best solution!!

Get your analog meter today if you haven’t purchased one yet.

Please make a donation to continue our efforts in monitoring the progress and making adjustments accordingly.

Be ready...

Thank you!!


Wednesday August 3, 2016

Internationally Recognized EMF Experts Support Our Actions for No Opt-Out Fees!

Read this terrific letter...

SmartMetersNC sign-on.pdf

Breaking News: May 6, 2016

Public Records Request reveals much about the DHHS !!



The NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), per the request of Rep. Pendleton, issued a DPH-OEE Smart Meter report (8-24-15).pdf on the health effects of smart meters in August, 2015.

Laura Combs and I wrote a rebuttal in September called DPH Report rebuttal.pdf.

We received empty responses so decided to research how the DHHS drafted their report by making a public records request for all communications related to their report. What we found was astounding.

We recently (May 5, 2016) expressed our shock in writing at the way in which the DHHS agency has treated the public’s concerns about the health impacts of radio frequencies (RF) emitted by smart meters with this DHHSpublicrecordsletter.pdf

We entered into the DHHS investigation process, as directed by Representative Pendleton, in good faith, trying to work with the DHHS agency and Duke Energy.

The DHHS has, in essence, failed to accomplish what Representative Pendleton directed the DHHS to do, violated its mission to protect the public’s health, and seemingly colluded with Duke Energy and a consultant who has ties to the wireless industry. In short, DHHS gave Duke Energy a gift that is harmful to North Carolinians.

We cannot do this alone. We need you.

Thank you very much!


Did you know that you currently may have an electric meter (or will soon) that is producing extremely strong microwave pulses and records your second-to-second energy behavior that can be sold or databased for use later against you?

If enough people opt-out, right now, we can send Duke and the NC Utilities Commission a powerful message before they make their opt-out penalty fee decision in June.

Please read this excellent overview and call for action below, superbly drafted by Laura Combs. It has information on how to send notice of your opt-out declaration and how to help us gather support to make this work.


Good morning.  (3/18/16)

The Problem: North Carolinians need your help to fend off new fees by Duke Energy! 

Did you know that Duke Energy and Duke Energy Progress could start charging you a new fee this year? They will be asking the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) for approval of their proposed fee in June 2016. Due to confidentiality laws, we likely won’t know the amount until June.  

In Ohio the initially proposed Duke Energy fee was $1,073 one-time and over $40 monthly. Ohioans are fighting hard, and this fee has not been approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio; the negotiations are ongoing. 

So what is the fee that North Carolinians are expected to pay and that Ohioans have been fighting to avoid? It is a fee to opt out of smart meter installation. Duke Energy touts that smart meters will help people save money and make our energy delivery systems more secure. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as discovered by the 10 European countries that rejected smart meters. We have reports in North Carolina of Smart Meters causing increased energy bills. You can read about one customer’s experience when voluntarily requesting that a smart meter be installed by Duke Energy Progress, which she then requested be removed, on the last page of this document: 

National and International researchers are helping us fight for fair treatment in North Carolina. Two U.S. experts, Ms. Cindy Sage (the leader in presenting and unifying the findings of researchers from around the world) and Dr. Ronald Powell (Harvard educated physicist formerly employed by the Executive Office of the President and that National Science Foundation) weighed in to the NCUC to oppose smart meter opt-out tariffs:

For an international take on the situation, you can read Dr. Olle Johansson’s letter to the NCUC, which begins on page 5: Dr. Johansson is a world renowned researcher with the Kaolinska Institute, which awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Finally, for an overview of the situation in North Carolina, please read Andrew McAfee’s letter to the NCUC:  

Why is Opting out without a fee important? 

First, there are many health effects caused by the radiofrequencies emitted by smart meters, as pointed out in the expert letters above. Sometimes those effects are debilitating, causing loss of profession, income and quality of life. A person should not have to pay to keep themselves healthy and safe from a technology that does not result in the benefits claimed by the power industry. You can read the NCUC February 8, 2016, testimony by the North Carolinians who are injured by smart meter radiofrequencies here: or listen here:

There are many other issues associated with smart meters, from privacy concerns to fire and public safety concerns and more. Thousands of smart meters are being removed in Canadian provinces due to safety concerns, and safety concerns are being investigated in Reno, Nevada at the direction of the Nevada Fire Marshal. You can read more here: SaskPower will be replacing 105,000 already-installed smart meters with older versions at cost of $15M, Ontario ordered to remove 5,400 smart meters over safety concerns, and Nevada Fire Marshal: Smart meters warrant investigation

The bottom line is that whatever your reason, you should not have to pay a fee to avoid a smart meter.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Duke Energy, which ultimately will save money due to termination of meter readers and their vehicles, says it must charge the fee to pay for the few meter readers that it will continue to employ because some people will opt-out of smart meter installation. In short, people who opt-out will cut into Duke’s savings and new profits. That theory, while already a failure, would fail even bigger if a large number of people provide notice that they are opting out of smart meter installation NOW, before it becomes all but mandatory and before the opt-out fee is approved. Once that proposed and currently confidential fee is finalized by the NCUC, Duke Energy is expected to increase smart meter installation and charge more customers an opt-out fee (some customers are being charged a fee before it has been approved). If enough people opt-out, we will send Duke and the NCUC a powerful message that we are having none of this failed and life-threatening experiment. If enough of us opt out, some of Duke Energy’s meter readers will still be employed because people will need their services. Or we can read the analog meter ourselves and send in a picture of the reading each month or have it use the phone line. In short you will be protecting your health, your home and helping to keep North Carolinians employed. 

Please tell Duke Energy or Duke Energy Progress (select your utility provider) that you are opting out of smart meter installation or your meter that uses microwave energy pulses. 

The following is one suggested statement: “I am writing to notify [insert utility company name] that I am opting out of all radio frequency meters and future smart meter installations and do not give your company permission to install a smart meter on my home or property.” 

Please send your opt-out notice to your power company using the contact information below, and please submit your opt-out notice to the NCUC and to Andrew McAfee, who has been leading the fight to maintain our safety. We need a record of people opting out as we gear up for the June NCUC meeting. Hopefully we can present thousands of opt-outs with your help.

Duke Energy Carolinas

Phone:  704-382-5009



Duke Energy Progress

Phone:  800-452-2777 or 919-508-5400

  1. Duke Energy Progress email:

  1. Duke Energy: (unfortunately there is no email address available)
    Duke Energy
    P.O. Box 1090
    Charlotte, NC 28201-1090

  1. NCUC: Consumer Statements

        Consumers may email comments other than complaints to

  1. Andrew McAfee: 

To stay current on the North Carolina smart meter opt-out issue, you can visit our website at Regulatory Update and Actions

Finally, please forward this message to all of your friends, especially neighbors and co-workers. 

With much gratitude,

Andrew McAfee 



Citizen Sample Letter

February 8, 2016, Public Hearing !!

Citizen attendance and comments are needed at the February 8, 2016, North Carolina Utilities Commission's (NCUC) public hearing on Duke Energy's Integrated Resources Plan (IRP), as well as the IRPs submitted by other electricity providers. Meeting details are below. This is your time to tell the NCUC that you oppose any smart meter opt-out tariffs. In addition to the smart meter issue, this is a great opportunity to press for more green energy incentives and requirements or express other utility-related concerns you may have. 

Here are the meeting details:

When: Monday, February 8, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

Where: Commission Hearing Room 2115, Dobbs Building, 430 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh, North Carolina. 

More information: 

Questions? Please email me at 


Please read my letter to the North Carolina Utilities Commission objecting to Duke Energy's proposal to levy tariffs against North Carolina citizens who want to opt-out of smart meter installation: PublicStaffLetter.pdf

The link to the EMF Treatment Guideline, also referenced in my letter is here:

EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2015 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses - Belyaev

The Duke Energy/Susan Vick information letter, referenced in my letter to the Utilities Commission, is presented below.


December 26, 2015